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  • China Certification

  • Asian Certification

  • European Certification

  • North America

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  • Middle East

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  • Other Certification

  • Safety and energy efficiency

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Communication Terminal

  • Reliability Test

  • Hazardous Substance Testing

  • Car banned substances

  • Organic Volatile Test

  • Failure Analysis

  • Commodity service system

  • GJB9001 System

  • Intellectual Property System

  • Automotive Quality System

  • SA8000 System

  • TL9000 Certification

  • BSCI Factory Inspection

  • Disney Factory Inspection

  • ICTI Factory Inspection

  • WARP Factory Inspection

  • HUAWEI Factory Inspection

  • ZX Factory Inspection



Technical Advantages

Authorized third-party testing laboratory Composed of experienced professionals Troubleshoot and solve problems for customers

Cycle Advantage

Regard cycle as life and efficiency as guarantee Efficient, fast and accurate service spirit Serve at any time to meet any customer needs

Price Advantage

Reasonable price and transparency Free product certification solutions Provide professional services to customers

Service Advantage

One-to-one communication service Solve actual problems for customers Enjoy VIP service for a lifetime


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EAC Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen EAC Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive authoritative third-party testing and certification organization engaged in the testing and certification of communications, electronics, safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving products. Can carry out electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) electrical safety (LVD) radio communication certification (RF) test, environmental reliability chemical analysis test. The site i...
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